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Group / Centre Activities

Group / Centre Activities

Social and recreational activities play an important role in maintaining and improving mental wellbeing. They encourage connection and engagement with the community, provide opportunities to meet new people, and learn new skills or hobbies.

NDIS group activities help people come together and share their experiences with mental health while providing an outlet to learn new social skills and develop strong personal relationships.

Good Health Disability offers new and innovative activities while also offering more traditional group activities such as cooking, fishing, gardening, meditation and more. Our NDIS group activities and supports are delivered in Melbourne.

Activities we offer include:

  • going to the movies
  • fishing
  • walking
  • ten pin bowling
  • arts/crafts lessons
  • group sport
  • cooking
  • social outings

NDIS group activities create an open, supportive, safe space for people to fully express themselves and their complex emotions to others who can relate to these experiences. These sessions allow consumers to develop life-long skills to create strong interpersonal relationships and engage with social activities more easily.

Why Choose Us

We aim to make every day of a person’s life as fulfilling as possible by providing them with high quality person-centred care services

We guarantee excellence in care and complete peace of mind for all participants and their families, providing you with a stress free experience.

Cost Effective

We offer personalised care services with cost-effective options, including overnight respite.

Quality Service

We guarantee to provide professional services that are transparent and responsive to the needs of our participants.

Experienced Staff

All of our staff are highly qualified and experienced. One of our top priorities is to provide you the same carer every time.

Vast Choice

We offer a range of health and wellness services, including Personal Care, Nursing, Gardening, Domestic Assistance, Social Support, and Travel Assistance

Our Values

We continuously improve our capabilities and aim to provide flexible services for clients’ changing needs.

We support people with disability to reach their full potential by providing services and support to promote a genuinely inclusive society.


We believe in treating our customers with respect and dignity.



We remain answerable and responsible for every disability service we provide.



Our core values as a disability service provider include respecting the choice and control of our participants.



We believe that everybody should be valued and treated the same and given the same opportunity to thrive.